DADapp DADapp introduces 3D Private Sharing & your Life Catalog. 3D Private Sharing – one method for all three dimensions of sharing – you, your home/work & your world; that is private & secure; that you can easily control; that is rich in useful data. Life Catalog – we are creating ever more data at an increasing rate, but its in different places, in proprietary formats with rich information locked away; DADapp’s Life Catalog is an open unified catalog of all our data that we can reuse, extend, cross-link and share. DADapp – more flexible than Dropbox, easier than Windows Networking and more private than Facebook.

Distil Distil is the first Content Protection Network (CPN) that helps companies identify and block malicious content scraping and data theft. Distil prevents the loss of visitors, SEO ranking, and revenue. Distil’s network can make decisions regarding the validity of each user in real-time, enabling websites to transparently protect and control the distribution of their content. Operating in the cloud, Distil incorporates intelligent adaption allowing the network to self-learn and block new forms of data attacks instantaneously. Distil’s CPN makes integration easy, allowing clients to be up and running in minutes. Additionally, each customer has the ability to adjust every aspect of the service to meet their specific traffic pattern ensuring there are no false positives. Finally, Distil’s reporting will show what was caught, who it was, and what they were after; allowing clients to find new ways to monetize off their content.

GivePalsGivePals is social marketplace that allows students on college campuses to connect and share information with each other. On you can buy and sell your textbooks to people on campus, find a hot to tutor to help you with homework, and invite people on campus to your social events. Our goal is to re-invent campus communities, by connecting people who have matching interests, passions and activities.

GoingMyWayGoingMyWay has created a dynamic ride-sharing mobile application that is socially networked, multi-modal, and tailored to each individual’s preferences. GoingMyWay will provide users with a full range of options to fulfill their transportation needs. The options include, but are not limited to, rides from friends, taxis, bus routes, metro, Car2Go, Zipcar, etc. GoingMyWay provides a marketplace for riders and drivers to connect based on their time, price, convenience and safety criteria specified in their preferences. In short, GoingMyWay provides a means to more efficient transportation through dynamic ride-sharing, and streamlining the process of choosing a mode of transportation for everyday purposes.

GonnaBeGonnaBe is the platform for what’s going to happen. GonnaBe lets you see what all of your friends are doing at a glance, and let them know what you’re doing too. Gone are the days of email strings, mass texts, and event invite pages. With a few taps you can post, share and browse plans. No signup, no profile to make, no need for friends to download the app to know what you’re doing. It’s a layer that helps you broadcast and share across your current networks.

LiveMusicStage is an online venue where you can also take part in the live events while you are watching. We emphasize the feeling and immersion of a live show, even when it happens on the web. For festivals, promoters, TV, radio and other live content producers, our platform offers a way of monetizing existing or exclusive live shows. We deliver everything necessary from high-end live streaming hardware to ticketing and advertisement sales for the shows.

MyStreamMyStream is the industry leading, direct smartphone-to-smartphone(s) audio streaming. MyStream brings the headphone splitter into the 21st century and revolutionize the way people share and experience audio content together in real life. It enables users to create a playlist of any audio files stored on their device (music, podcasts, audio-books, stand up comedy etc.), play any of those files in the app’s custom player and then stream them wirelessly and in real time (synchronously) to any friends nearby via Bluetooth or Wifi. Bluetooth can support up to 5 listeners to a single streamer and Wifi can support over 20 listeners, with everyone hearing the same audio at the same time, hence our slogan “Share Your Music, Not Your Headphones!” MyStream also enables asynchronous playlist sharing for added functionality. All audio is streamed with a “buy now” button which promotes the purchasing of artists’ songs & albums.

NEWSITNEWSiT is a mobile crowd-reporting platform for creating, collaborating and curating original and quality news of personal relevance. With a smart-phone anyone can be a reporter, but what tweet or blog to trust? NEWSiT combines social networking and ‘game layer’ incentives to engage and reward users around shared interests and location, and an innovative mix of algorithms and professional journalists to assure quality. The result is trustworthy, interactive and multimedia information of unprecedented personal relevance. Content is created and consumed on NEWSiT mobile apps and websites and via its content partners.

QUKKUQukku is a crowdsourced platform connecting leading brands with fan-generated video advertising. We offer participants awards, prizes and recognition for producing engaging, quirky advertising that people not only embrace but want to watch and share with others. Companies are able to improve customer engagement through social video advertising leading to a more efficient marketing ROI while also obtaining access to fan-generated advertisements. Further, as the community decides the contest winner, consumers have an incentive to share their video advertisements as part of their normal social media expressions and by receiving earned rewards. Essentially, Qukku structures and monetizes fan-generated content that would otherwise be buried and lost on YouTube or Facebook.

RealeyesRealeyes is a computer vision technology company that can read human faces over any regular webcams. We measure where people look and what emotions they are feeling. Our tech platform is used for radically more impactful video content and brand advertising, we power market research industry with next-generation technologies and help build smarter applications that take advantage of biometric user feedback. Realeyes is the “The Google Analytics of Eye Movements and Emotions”

ReciteMeRecite is an online software as a service system that acts as a translation layer between the user and the website. It transforms the format of websites, repackaging the content by adding disability functionality. Recite’s current functionality includes translating web page content from text-to-speech, providing a bespoke user choice of high contrast colour schemes, the ability to enlarge words, as well as dictionary and thesaurus definitions. Recite does all of this online allowing the web page to be viewed in an enriched, highly accessible format. All of this is done instantly, online, with no software to install. The end result is a more accessible website.

SoJoLifeBlendology’s SojoLife is a new breed of interactive event solution that creates a memorable experience that lasts far beyond the event and takes promotional give-ways and consumer engagement to a whole new level for users and brand managers. SOJOs connect users with just a ‘tap’ to build real-life networks, expand their online social networks and engage with brand communities. No pre-registration is required – it simply works. SOJOs are on a price point par with other event give-aways and can be distributed en masse to everyone at an event. When connected to a computer, the SOJO launches an event specific page where the user can see all connections made with other SOJOs or SOJO media Hubs, add connections to online social networks and join brand communities. The SOJO Brand Manager Platform provides valuable timeline and activity data to analyse and measure current campaign success, identify brand advocates and plan future campaigns.

SPOTSSPOTS Tracking Systems‘ objective is to help companies improve the productivity and profitability of their business by providing a system that increases the efficiency, control and visibility of their operations. SPOTS is a cloud-based software system that:Tracks orders, information and items through complex chains of fulfillment, supply or manufacture; Mimics and adapts to your business model; Enhances collaboration and keeps an audit trail via social-media style comments; Works as a QuickBooks Add-on; It is easy to configure, use and modify; It can be used by retail, service or manufacturing companies. SPOTS Tracking Systems represents a new generation of collaborative and flexible workflow management software that combines the benefits of traditional rigid-workflow management software with the flexibility of task management software.

StorymixStorymix Media is an automated video creation platform for events. Storymix is a social, easy, and affordable way to get meaningful video from your event. Everyone is shooting video at events like corporate sales meetings, soccer games, and weddings. And then what? Maybe they put a clip or two on Facebook, but the reality is 99% end up buried on hard drives. No easy way exists to aggregate every video and easily turn them into something valuable. Storymix’s iPhone app and online platform is the answer through crowdsourcing, easy online personalization, and automated video output. Consumers want an easy way to tell a story from all the video clips everyone takes. Event planners want ways to demonstrate ROI. Companies and marketers are looking for authentic feedback from sponsored events. Businesses want to use mobile apps and video to differentiate and increase usage of their sites. The Storymix platform provides solutions for all of these markets and more.

VoteIt VoteIt is a collaborative online decision-making platform that will disrupt the way all groups make decisions and bring direct democracy to every decision, on every device. In a nutshell, VoteIt is SurveyMonkey for group decisions with real-time and interactive results for users. Groups at every level of scale make decisions: neighborhood associations, open town meetings, doctors, university administrators, student organizations, non-profits, and businesses want to gather opinions in a fast, simple and scalable way, but allow participants to engage with each other to achieve consensus without flooding their inbox and wasting time. A survey is only effective to gather snapshot opinion (without interaction). Decisions over email scale poorly and are quickly unwieldy and inconclusive. Yet, these are the only two online offerings currently available. VoteIt meets this widespread user need with a simple and powerful user interface to organize opinion and facilitate collaboration, and productivity-enhancing game mechanics to defeat unproductive tangents.