YouEarnedIt’s fresh approach to extrinsic motivation is grounded in positive psychology, reinforcement, and happiness at work. By combining the science of happiness with the transparency of social recognition along with the accessibility of the digital cloud (web and mobile), we help create environments where employees can create heightened levels of employee engagement. This bottom-up, democratic approach empowers employees to actively contribute to how people are recognized and rewarded. Whether day-to-day work interactions take place face-to-face or virtually across continents, YouEarnedIt encourages real-time recognition and reward from anywhere, at any time.

Moreover, YouEarnedIt offers flexibility in the types of rewards offered. We have a lot of awesome products and gift cards, but innovative companies from all around are adding custom rewards finely tuned to their culture like company swag, coffee with the boss, custom Converse, giving back to a local non-profit and team building experiences.


Autumn Manning


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Tim Ryan

Director of Happiness Marketing