Fingers Crossed & Full Steam Ahead

HATCH pitch is in full swing for its SXSW 2015 event and all applications are now in for the final review. Applicants have given it their best — some even utilizing feedback from HATCH pitch itself — and all submissions are in. Eagerly awaiting news with their fingers crossed, startups have filled the applicant message board with well wishes to all their fellow applicants and comments of hope and anticipation to meet everyone at SXSW.

Latest HATCHenings (HATCH Happenings)

At the moment, the fate of the startups’ applications are in the hands of the HATCH pitch evaluators. Determining how well each applicant addressed their company’s core market, product, and team strengths, evaluators’ decisions soon will lead to the early February announcement of HATCH pitch’s SXSW 2015 list of twelve Finalists. After which, each team will undergo further coaching prior to their SXSW debut on March 16. Although the application period is now closed, this competition is just beginning to heat up.

HATCH pitch Plan It

Mark your calendars early and ensure your accommodations to attend. Find out more about HATCH pitch’s three sessions at this years SXSW Interactive’s Startup Village at or visit

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