HATCH hosted a hangout today with Joseph Kopser, Founder/CEO of RideScout, and Hank Leber, Founder/CEO of GonnaBe. Both Kopser and Leber are 2012 Hatch Finalists, and they shared their HATCH competition experiences and gave tricks and tips to building a successful startup. When asked what he could do over, Leber said “Do something different. Do remarkable stuff.” He said all the startups at pitching competitions had matching T-shirts and business cards, but he wanted to do something that would make him stand out, and he gave that advice to the 2013 startups.

Kopser said watching the startups at the 2012 HATCH competition last year made him nervous.

“All the companies sounded so great,” he said. Thankfully, he had his team to remind him why RideScout was there, and prevented him from psyching himself out. Kopser’s startup finished in 2nd place at the inaugural competition.

Kopser and Leber highlighted the importance of public speaking skills for pitching competitions. They emphasized to attendees that the time they gave their pitch was just as important as the time they gave their startup.



Kopser also had good advice regarding the presentations at pitch competitions.


Leber said building relationships at HATCH one of the best parts of the competition. HATCH Founder, Greg Wright, chimed in and said “Try to meet every single person in the room.”

Big thanks to Joseph and Hank for providing the HATCH community with great tips and stories.

HATCH live-tweeted the Hangout. Check out @HATCHPITCH to see more insight from former HATCH finalists. For future Hangouts and events, visit the HATCH calendar.