Congrats to our finalists! A handful of startups now have four minutes to win HATCH pitch 2016, the revolutionary startup pitch competition, on March 13 at Ballet Austin.

After a thrilling application review of the hundreds of early stage tech startups in 20 countries and 34 US states, we have selected 13 finalists based on a range of criteria including how revolutionary the idea is, how the company is making life better, what’s great about the startup founders and team, and how scalable and sustainable their product is. Each finalist will present their business plan to our kick-ass panel of corporate, angel, and venture investor judges in front of a well-connected audience on March 13, 2016.

“We are overwhelmed by the quality and diversity of the startups who applied,” said Greg Wright, HATCH pitch founder. “I am excited to see the impact these young companies will have on their respective industries.”

For the first time, HATCH pitch will feature three distinct categories: Digital Health, Connected World, and Mobility (smart transportation alternatives).


The 2016 HATCH pitch finalists are:

Digital Health Category

BrainCheck - Educating the world about their brain health by building tools to measure and track your cognitive health. (Houston, Texas)

Care Angel - A free "virtual intelligent caregiving assistant" that calls and checks-in on your elderly loved ones by phone or landline (no smartphone required). Think Siri-for-seniors. (Miami Beach, Florida)

Integrated Bionics - Train smarter and harder with Integrated Bionics’ micro-sensor and comprehensive analytics for coaches to create, strategize, and execute customized training regimens. (Houston, Texas)

Luminostics - Transforming smartphones into medical devices that can accurately detect and/or quantify biological targets such as bacteria and viruses, from tiny samples, in less than 15 minutes. (Houston, Texas)


Connected World Category

Artiphon - Designing creative technologies for everyday music making. (Nashville, Tennessee)

Aquatricity - Delivers a power and water control system to help address the problems of energy and water scarcity faced by underserved communities worldwide. (Louisville, Colorado)

Gest - A wearable device that tracks finger and hand movements, allowing content creators to interact with their tools in a more intuitive way. (Austin, TX)

Notion - An affordable, multi-purpose sensor that monitors your home and sends you alerts. (Denver, Colorado)

Sup - A social app that lets users see if their friends are nearby without the creep factor. (London, United Kingdom)


Mobility Category

CarForce - The connected car company: a cloud based enterprise SaaS solution for dealerships to increase customer retention using connected car data. (Houston, Texas)

MetroTech - Aggregates real-time traffic data from silo-ed sources, applies analytics, and publishes actionable information to mobile or web applications. (Alpharetta, Georgia)

Roadgazer - A Voice-Driven Artificial Intelligence Assistant for the Car Travel. (Sunnyvale, California)

SPLT - An enterprise-first ridesharing platform, connecting people and resources to provide a less expensive, more engaging, more environmentally responsible method for moving in cities. (Detroit, Michigan)


The selected companies will each have four minutes to pitch their revolutionary startup before fielding questions from an impressive panel of judges. Our previous judging panels have included, Werner Vogels (CTO, Amazon), Nicole Glaros (Managing Director, Techstars NY), Rahul Sood (Founder, Microsoft Ventures), John Frankel (Partner, ff Venture Capital), Lynne Chou (Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers), Kerry Rupp (Venture Partner, True Wealth Innovations), Patrick Eggen (Director, Qualcomm Ventures), Aya Zook (Principal, Microsoft Ventures), Ben Wilson (CTO, GE Oil & Gas), Balaji Gopinath (VP of Emerging Technology, Turner Broadcasting/Media Camp), Rick Pleczko (CEO, symplr), Stephen Forte (Managing Director, Fresco Capital), Unity Stoakes (President and co-founder, StartUp Health), and Ted Serbinski (Partner, Detroit Venture Partners). We will announce this year's panel over the next few days.

HATCH pitch is open to all who are interested in tech startups looking to change the world. Grab your seat and help us make this years HATCH pitch the greatest yet!