The HATCH pitch application process is pretty unique. In fact it's a bit like a mini-accelerator. Here are some tips on getting the most out of this process.

Four Step Process

You must complete at least Steps 1-3 to be considered for HATCH pitch.

  1. Demographics and basic questions on HATCH pitch OR F6S.
  2. Describe your business model on Qukku.
  3. Invite to be a co-author to your application on Qukku.
  4. Get feedback and improve your application.

Read on for explanations and troubleshooting these steps.

Step 1:

Choose between two paths for Step 1. If you complete one, you don' need to also do the other.

a) If your startup is registered on F6S then you can apply at F6S. Remember to finalize your application to complete Step 1. 


b) You can apply directly at HATCH pitch. The “CONTINUE” button completes Step 1 and automatically takes you to Qukku.

Step 2: 

All applicants must register on Qukku to complete steps 2-4. 

TIP:  If your Qukku Team name and your step 1 Company name or contact email doesn't match your registered Qukku email, let us know by posting a comment in the Quick View section to clarify.

TIP: To find your HATCH pitch application in Qukku, you can always click the wand to see the All Ideas Dashboard. Click on the title of “HATCH pitch application”. In addition, your HATCH application will be pinned under "Ideas" in the navbar. Click on either of these to see the detail sections. 

TIP: Invite your team and mentors to help you complete or improve your application. Successful teams have made good use of this feature and have posted several versions to fine tune the business model.

Step 3: 

Invite to be a co-author on your application on Qukku.

TIP: Do this as soon as you have your 3 sections completed. Early birds get more worms.

Step 4: 

Get feedback and improve your application. You heard correctly. After you complete Step 3, HATCH pitch will assign screeners and mentors who may give you feedback and you can update your application. This is real actionable feedback on your business model.

TIP: We will start allocating mentors after December 26th. You can keep revising until the HATCH deadline.

We hope you get value out of this application/acceleration process. Please post questions and tag HATCH Applications in comments on your application in Qukku.

HATCH pitch will notify finalists via email late January.